Once we’re back to 100%, in the United States, your doctor may request a Cancer Test Kit from us. Your doctor will then obtain a blood sample from you and complete the cancer Test Kit before sending it to our lab. Results of the ONCOblot® Test will be sent back to your physician. Please contact a physician or find one on our “Find a Provider” page for pricing. Physicians provide services such as appointments, blood draws, consultations, and so on (additional services).

If your doctor does not perform blood draws in the office, you may look for another one who will. For more information on participating laboratories, click here.

When we return to full capacity, please contact one of the international providers on our “Find a Provider” page for worldwide cancer testing. The overseas cost varies by region and includes extra expenses associated with distribution, shipping, communication, rules, and so on. If you don’t see an international provider in your area listed on our site, ask your doctor if he or she can order a test kit through this website or for further instructions and information.

When we resume full availability of cancer testing, we’ll activate our provider map, which will include providers who have given permission to share their contact information.

The ONCOblot® Test will be used by the The Cancer Center for Healing in Irvine, CA after we resume full availability of cancer testing. Please visit their website for further information on pricing. The phone appointment fee will be:

  • The cost of the ONCOblot® Test is $95.00 for the initial phone consultation, new patient information, and a prescription from Dr. Sengupta.
  • For the follow-up phone consultation, Dr. Wozniak will spend time with you one on one to discuss your results and advise on any further action.
  • Please note that these consultation charges will also cover the cost of the examination. Please contact them for the whole cost. (For further information, please see below.)

If the doctor prescribes a combination of drugs, you will be reimbursed for all medications used. If the patient has not elected to purchase the test kit online, they may still incur blood draw charges from their local lab if they choose to have one. The price varied, with estimates ranging from $35 to $50. nThe patient’s blood sample was sent overnight by us to our lab as part of the test kit.