ENOX2 protein


A novel noninvasive cancer test has been developed that allows doctors to determine the ENOX2 cancer marker for 27 different types of cancer with a single blood sample.

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The ENOX2 protein was identified as the underlying mechanism for ENOX1, and it now has the potential to revolutionize cancer diagnosis.

What is ENOX2?

The ENOX2 protein is unique to malignant cancer cells and is only present in the blood. These proteins are highly sensitive indicators for early detection in both primary and recurrent cancer, according to research published in Morre’ and Morre,’ ECTO-NOX Proteins, Springer New York, 2013 (Print).

Beyond that, the ENOX2 protein’s other distinguishing feature is its capacity to find 27 varieties of cancer at their earliest stages of development. This implies it has the ability to identify cancer before current cancer screening tests on the market today and can also be utilized as a non-invasive follow-up option following a high PSA, suspicious mammogram.

How do doctors test for the ENOX2 protein?

The ONCOblot® Test is a blood test that coincides with the ENOX2 marker. The ONCOblot® Laboratory, which has just been expanded, will perform the analysis of the ENOX2 protein in blood samples taken from patients.

If the cancer diagnosis is confirmed, the ONCOblot® Test may reveal where ENOX2 protein was found in each specific organ site, which can help patients gain more time and specialized treatment options.

What this means for the future

The discovery of this ENOX2 protein, and its implication for cancer screening in the future, provides a bright future for true cancer eradication. With the ENOX2 protein and ONCOblot® Test, new routes have been paved for minimally invasive tests with reduced time and money while also providing more alternatives to fighting.