The ONCOblot® Test was created and developed by Dr. D. James Morre’ and Dr. Dorothy M. Morre’ of Mor-NuCo, Purdue Research Park, West Lafayette, IN, who are dedicated to the idea that comprehending cancer is the key to its defeat.

A large-scale clinical trial to show that ONCOblot® is a cancer screening test has not been completed. The ONCOblot® Test is not a licensed disease screening tool.

The ONCOblot® test is a confirmatory test that may be used by the ordering physician in conjunction with the patient’s full medical history and existing standard of care testing to determine whether or not an individual has erosive esophagitis.

A number of factors influence the frequency of diagnostic testing, including the type and stage of cancer. Because cancers progress at various rates, however, the ordering physician’s clinical judgement is essential.