How To Get Tested

Use Your Own Physician (Once we resume full availability of testing)

Once we resume full availability, in the U.S., your physician may request a cancer Test Kit from this website. Your physician will then obtain a blood sample from you, complete the cancer Test Kit and send it to our lab. Results of your ONCOblot® Test will be sent back to your physician. Please contact your physician or a physician convenient to you on our “Find a Provider” page for pricing.  Physicians provide additional services associated with the test (appointment, blood draw, consultation, etc.).   

If your physician does not perform blood draws in their office, there are other options. Click here for more information on participating labs.

Once we resume full availability, for international cancer testing, please contact one of the international providers on our “Find a Provider” page.  The international price varies by location and incurs additional costs associated with distribution, shipping, communication, regulations, etc.   If you do not see an international provider in your area, your provider may order a test kit through this website or contact us at for further instructions and information.


See A List of Providers

Once we resume full availability of cancer testing, we will activate our map of providers who have given consent to share their contact information.

Use The Cancer Center for Healing--Phone Consult (Once we have resumed full availability of testing)

Once we resume full availability of cancer testing, The Cancer Center for Healing in Irvine, CA, will prescribe the ONCOblot® Test to new phone patients in the U.S.   Please contact them for the complete price of the test.  The consultation/visit fee for the phone appointments will be:  

  • $95.00 for the initial phone consultation, new patient information and prescription of the ONCOblot® Test.
  • $95.00 for the follow-up phone consultation, discussion of results and recommendation for any next steps.
  • The cost of the test will be in addition to these consultation fees.  Please contact them for the complete price.  (Contact information is below.)

Note:  Since the cancer test kit will be mailed to online patients, the patient will also have a blood draw fee from a local lab they choose. Price varies, but estimates range from $35.00-$50.00. Overnight domestic shipping of the patient’s blood sample to our lab is included in the kit.

Want to know more about Cancer Center for Healing? Click here: