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Blood Test for Cancer

The ONCOblot® Test is a highly sensitive blood test for cancer. It identifies the presence of cancer as well as the tissue of origin through the detection of ENOX2 proteins.

Provides early cancer detection

The ONCOblot® Test can detect cancer before clinical symptoms appear. The ENOX2 protein species in the blood is unique to malignant cells and these proteins can be detected in early development.

Cancer Detection Test

Provides accurate diagnosis

The ONCOblot® Test identifies the ENOX2 markers that are only produced by cancer cells and absent from non-cancer cells. The direct visualization of a marker presence eliminates false positives.

Announcing our International Expansion

The ONCOblot® Test is now available in the following areas:
- WA Health Care; China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
- RCLIN SA; Switzerland, Poland, Ukraine, Russia

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Reveals origin of malignant cells:

The ONCOblot® Test reveals the tissue of origin of the ENOX2 protein. The ONCOblot® database contains the following cancers:

• Bladder
• Breast
• Cervical
• Colorectal
• Endometrial
• Esophageal
• Gastric
• Hepatocellular
• Kidney

• Leukemia
• Non-Small cell
• Lung Small cell
• Lymphoma
• Melanoma
• Mesothelioma
• Multiple Myeloma
• Myeloma
• Ovarian

• Pancreatic
• Prostate
• Sarcoma
• Squamous Cell
• Thyroid
• Follicular
• Uterine
• Papillary
• Testicular Germ Cell